Twelve Weeks With Patrick

Patrick is 49 weeks old and he weighed 32.4kg on the vet’s scale on Monday morning. I think his weight has now stabilised and I don’t think he’ll grow much more.
He’s so comfortable on the vet scale now, he lies down on it while I try to take a picture!


He still pulls me a little bit when we’re walking but its not dreadful, and the dog distraction remains a problem but he listens when you talk and unless the dogs he sees are really excited he can ignore them.


here’s Penny, Patrick and Riddick (and Louise in the background) doing a SIT-WAIT before I give the OKAY to come inside


how can he be comfy sleeping half off the cushion!?! 😀


no-body can do “puppy eyes” like Patrick!

We’re doing ongoing work on his obedience like sit/ down/ stay/ leave it and so on, but he’s still a little impatient when I tell him to wait before heading through a door! He’s very eager to please though and he tries hard.
I was at SA Guide-dogs one morning last week for something, so to work on his dog distraction I took him with me and we watched the 9 week old pups at puppy class, and he got to interact with them during their free play. He was so good and so gentle with them. Then I popped him into a kennel for a while whilst I saw the people I was there to see.


watching the 9 week old “K” pups at puppy class

He’s such a snuggly shnookums… When he wants some attention he’ll come and stand next to the bed, resting his chin on the mattress, and if I make eye contact his tail wags furiously and he gets a happy wiggle! He’s still a little mouthy but its a lot less and there’s no pressure in his “bite” (for lack of a better word).

We have a bit of a recall issue too… I managed to jam the gate when I came home yesterday morning, so Dora had to come and help me. Riddick, Penny and Patrick followed her, and once we got the gate unstuck I decided to take a chance on the dogs staying put and opened it to drive in – we’ve done a lot of work on this.
Riddick and Patrick immediately did a SIT-STAY like they’ve been taught, but Penny SHOT out like she’d heard a starter’s pistol and as she hit the tar road, Patrick and Riddick followed.
I got Penny and Patrick back quickly, Patrick was close on Penny’s tail as she ran from gate to gate and they ran back towards a pair of Labs two houses down from us, then I went back out for Riddick, who was sniffing each gate as he went along and trying to head back to me between gates – but in the sunshine he couldn’t see me and going to the gates meant he was going right up to them and pressing his nose to the bars!
It was very annoying and more than a little scary!

He’s still on Bob Martin’s puppy food twice a day, 3 cups a day to maintain his now ideal weight – 1 cup in the morning and 2 cups for supper, the same way they are fed when on training at GDA.

And we got an email from Guide-dogs kennels last week, Patrick will most likely be going back to start his formal training in March, so we have a little longer with him than we thought we’d have.


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  1. hehehe – Penny will always be a bit of a rebel.. 😀

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