Patrick’s Progress…


On Monday Patrick weighed 32.8kg on the vet’s scale, a little up on last week but his weight has definitely stabilised.
He is so good in the car, sitting or lying quietly on the back seat once its moving and very keen to hop in and ride along whenever he can.
And he doesn’t just come bouncing out of the car when I open the door either, he stays put even if I haven’t said “wait” yet, then I can put his jacket on and tell him “jump out”.

We continue to work on obedience like “sit”, “stay”, “down” and so forth, and his “leave it” is great. We do battle a bit with dog distraction when we’re out walking, but he listens when you talk to him.

This weekend we’ll be spending time at a shopping mall with the Lions to sell raffle tickets an spread awareness – come and see us at the President Hyper in Krugersdorp.

Patrick loves sleeping in the open doorway!



When Patrick wants to go outside or thinks he needs a cuddle, he comes up to me and if he can he leans his head on my lap, otherwise the edge of the bed or couch will do.


Patrick likes to be where his people are, just like his housemates. My kitchen is not very big at all but I share the floor space with my furkids.


Yesterday we had a training/ assessment session with our Puppy Development Supervisor, along with Patrick’s sister Prada and puppy-in-training West as they will soon be a year old.
We walked around the training centre, did some obedience work, had the pups climb into and out of the training trucks, climb on the scale, and walk inside the offices practising waiting at doorways. Patrick’s sister Prada is a good kilo heavier than he is (and I saw his brother Preston while we were there – also a BIG boy), and West is a dainty 23kg.
I was SO proud of Patrick!
Even his dog distraction was under control when we walked past the training kennels!


Puppy-in-training west


Puppy-in-training Prada


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