Patrick is 51 Weeks Old

20150202_073535_Patrick - Copy

Patrick is 51 weeks old and he weighed 33kg on the vet’s scale this morning.

He is so good in the car, and he doesn’t just come bouncing out of the car when I open the door either, he stays put even if I haven’t said “wait” yet, then I can put his jacket on and tell him “jump out”.

20150202_073453_Patrick - Copy

On Friday night after we did some groceries we decided to have supper at the Food Lovers Market Cafe and Patrick went along. He had a few people greet him, he popped up to see what was going on when they brought us our food, and he barked twice when a man walked up the spiral staircase inside the restaurant – from Patrick’s viewpoint he seemed to come up through the floor! We then went to check out the staircase and when someone else came up the stairs he didn’t react at all.

20150130_201333_Patrick - Copy

On Saturday we were at the President Hyper in Krugersdorp with the Lions to raise funds and spread awareness for SA Guide-dogs and Patrick was so great! He greeted everyone with a tail wag and the sights and sounds of the mall didn’t worry him at all.

20150131_101436_PresidentHyper_PatrickBowie - Copy

puppy-in-training Bowie and puppy-in-training Patrick

20150131_131505_Patrick_PresidentHyper - Copy

puppy-in-training Patrick was worn out when we started packing up the stand

Patrick is great with other dogs too. He and housemates Riddick and Penny get on so well, playing and wrestling and chasing. And if one of them is napping on the floor he’ll try and snuggle up – although neither of them are snugglers at all. He even tries to engage with the two grumpy “old ladies” Thelma and Louise!
Here he and Riddick are playing lazily on the bedroom floor:

20150201_161547_RiddickPatrick - Copy

20150201_161521_RiddickPatrick - Copy

And here he and Penny are wrestling on the living room floor:20150131_072740_PatrickPenny - Copy

20150131_072720_PatrickPenny - Copy

He loves the cool of the doorway…

20150129_090520_Patrick - Copy

And he loves a snuggle with mommy… He sleeps next to the bed (‘coz he’s not allowed on it) and he rests his head on my knee or on the bed if he wants a cuddle or needs to go out.

20150131_072518_Patrick - Copy

me having a cup of coffee…

20150131_072431_Patrick - Copy

me having a cup of coffee…


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