Its Our Patrick’s First Birthday

Patrick is 52 weeks old AND its his first birthday today – happy birthday to Patrick and his siblings Parsley, Pedro, Prada and Preston!


He weighed 33.05kg on the vet’s scale this morning so he’s definitely stopped growing.

We had a busy day today! I had to go to the doctor to get some new prescriptions and have some blood tests done and Patrick was very well behaved. There was one lady who screamed when she saw him and he jumped and barked at her, but he quickly settled when I told him to leave it and stay down.


Then we headed for GDA to collect food for Patrick and drop off some books for their collection drive before going to Kadies to get some cake decorating supplies. They know our puppies well at Kadies, getting to know them as they grow up so they always get a cuddle and a chat when they go there.
Then we headed home where a hot, tired Patrick drank a whole lot of water and fell asleep!


And here are some pictures of Patrick playing in the garden with Penny and Riddick. For whatever reason he’s never learned how to pick up the 4EverBall so even though he often gets to it first he never gets to pick it up and bring it back. He plays well with the other dogs though, playing catch with Penny and wrestling with Riddick. And visiting dogs have a ball too.








Happy happy birthday Patrick! Soon we’ll be getting the almost-dreaded email with the date in it for when you have to go back to Guide-dogs to start your formal training and you will be leaving us, but you are a treasure indeed!


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  1. Happy birthday dear Patrick boy!

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