Penny’s Eye…

The weekend before last I noticed that the hair around Penny’s left eye looked a little sparse, but there was only a slight different to the right eye so I decided just to keep an eye on it.
On the Sunday though there was a marked difference so I started with an application of Germolene a couple of times a day as she wasn’t scratching at it and it wasn’t weeping.
Medicating Penny is a whole ‘nother kettle of bananas though! I have to sneak up on her when she’s sleeping ‘coz if she even hears my bedside drawer opening she’s up and running!

Here’s a picture from the 8th of Feb and you can see the left eye looks very different to the right…


And here’s a picture from this morning – the Germolene and Bactroban didn’t seem to be helping so we went to see the vet this morning.


She was so excited to be going out! She starts making this high-pitched whistle when I put her walking collar and leash on her, and she can’t WAIT to get in the car!

She was quite well behaved at the vet, excited and squeaky, but she listened and came to me when I offered her a treat. She got on the scale but she didn’t sit still long enough for the scale to settle so we know she weighs between 28.5 and 29kg. The vet and the receptionist were surprised by her weight ‘coz when she’s on her own she doesn’t look that big, and the vet had to lift her up onto the exam table!
I got her to down-stay on the exam table and after a bit of a tussle she allowed the vet to get a good look at her face with my “let me see” instruction – it went better than I thought it would! Then he took a scraping sample using a scalpel blade so she had to hold dead still while he did that, and she listened! I was very pleased, but a vet who has a firm, gentle hand makes a big difference. He went off to look under the microscope so I made her stay on the table. She was a bit restless but it was easier than I thought it would be.
The vet found no mites and doesn’t think its ringworm, so he’s started her on F10 ointment twice a day – a germicidal/ fungal barrier cream. If her eye is no better – or worse – within three days, we have to go back.

Hopefully that won’t be necessary, and I am keeping an eye on the other dogs just in case whatever is is is contagious.

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  1. Hope the ointment does the trick. I am glad she doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort though. 🙂

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