Thelma and Louise…

I had to giggle last night…
When we brought the dogs inside after their last “busy”, Thelma and Louise went straight into the walk-in cupboard where they sleep, but Thelma slammed on brakes and at first refused to go in!
Thelma and Louise each have a cushion, and Twister was lying on one of them!
When we adopted Thelma and Louise, I trained them that the cats were out of bounds so if the cats do get on their cushions they steer clear!
The walk-in doesn’t have a door BTW.
The space is as big as it is in the picture, they each have a bed ‘coz they don’t snuggle even with each other, and I block the door with a kist so they don’t roam at night.
I also put them in there during a thunderstorm or fireworks as Louise barks at very loud noises and their “kennel” makes them feel safe.

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