Little Mister Twister

Our little Twister is almost 6 months old so I dropped him at the vet this morning for his castration appointment.
I asked them to look at his mouth while he was under anesthetic as his breath smells too TERRIBLE! This is never a good sign with a cat – and he battles to eat even cooked chicken unless I break it up for him so I know something’s up.
And depending on whether the vet who raised him had already tested him or not, I was considering asking them to do a FeLV test too.

I was really hope his stinky mouth was nothing serious… His toes, tail and eyes are deformed so I am sort of bracing myself for other issues as he grows up…

And I was going to wait another month before castrating him so he could grow a bit more, but his smelly breath is getting worse and he’s growing so nicely, I don’t want him to start losing weight.


Our poor Twister… He really is twisted! The vet called me this afternoon.
She doesn’t feel an FeLV test is necessary, but our kitty’s one testicle hasn’t descended and they will have to go looking for it as its not even in the canal where they would have expected to find it at this stage!
As for his smelly breath, it seems some of his baby teeth haven’t fallen out pro
perly and are loose but still in his gums, so they have to take them out for him. They are full of old food and irritating his gums a bit, which is where the smell is coming from. Thank goodness this means he’s not in pain!

They’ve rescheduled his surgery for Monday as they will need a longer lasting anesthetic to do a bigger op than was planned for today. As a result of his “missing” testicle his castration will be a bigger surgery as they have to open him up to find it, and they will fix his teeth at the same time.
At least its not serious gingivitis and removing the baby teeth should sort the problem out, and she gave him an anti-inflammatory shot for the little bit of gum irritation.

As for the rest of him, his foster mommy is thrilled with how much he’s grown  and how well he’s doing.

He’s getting on better and better with the other cats. Magic still growls at him but he doesn’t run away. He has no problem with the dogs, often sharing a bed with them.
And he’s responding well to training too. He’s already learned “off”, which comes in useful since he’s lately taken to lying on top of my microwave when its warm after being used, and I can’t have cats on my kitchen counters. He’s also learning “no” which I use when he tries to climb on our laptops, and I’ve started teaching him “sit”! Its interesting to see him learn since my other cats have learned from my hand signals and my voice, Twister is responding mainly to my voice command.


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We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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  1. Glad it’s all positive feedback. He’s very fortunate to have landed in your home. Best place for a kitty to be if you ask me!

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