Twister Has Grown Into His Ears… Sort Of…

I think he thinks he’s a dog! And he’s so affectionate and cuddly!

He spends most of his time on our bed, where the dogs usually are too, or on top of one of us. And when its near supper or breakfast time he runs down the passage to the kitchen along with the dogs! He sleeps nights curled between my hubby and I on our bed, and he loves the faux fur throw that we use in winter.

He’s not at all intimidated by the dogs, even though our blind Labbie, Riddick, regularly stands on him when he jumps up onto the bed!

As he’s grown, his one eye seems to have opened more than the other, so now he really lives up to his name – twisted tail, malformed feet, and now odd-sized eyes! I can eve see a little of the iris in his right eye and they look like they may be a beautiful shade of green.

Sadly I think his gums are inflamed and sore again. His breath smells a bit – although not as badly as before the vet sorted him out last time – and when he yawns I can see his gums are very red. It doesn’t seem to affect his appetite in the slightest thank goodness, and I have yet to find evidence of an upset tummy in the litterbox.


In a week’s time we’ll be bringing home our new Guide Dog puppy – a little female black Lab named Nimble – and I am very curious as to how Twister is going to get on with a little pup.

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