Patrick Was Home For A Whole Week!

With a public holiday last Tuesday, Patrick was going to have a four-day weekend, and then our car broke down and we couldn’t get him back in time so he ended up spending the whole week at home with us.

one night he was very restless at bedtime, so I covered him with a blanket and he went straight to sleep

I was cutting chicken viennas for our supper – not theirs

“What do you mean, stop chewing the comforter!?

waiting with his head on my knee as suppertime creeps closer

this is how I get woken up most mornings, when Patrick is home

How cute is this face!

Here he is waiting patiently for Twister to vacate his bed.

Riddick and Patrick playing tug-o-war with a bottle. Riddick is allowed on the bed, Patrick isn’t.

using the forever ball as a pillow

He’s been on a couple of outings with SA Guide-dogs as well. We attended the Outdoor Adventure Expo and we went to a church market in Pretoria. He was very well behaved, as always.



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  1. Oh he is a darling!

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