Meet Guide Dog Puppy Nimble!

We collected our new Guide Dog puppy on Friday June 26th 2015.

Nimble and her sister Nutella – both black – were born on Mother’s Day, May 10th 2015, to GDA brood bitch Lyla – a Golden Retriever – and American stud dog Fisher (by artificial insemination) a Labrador Retriever who belongs to a USA Guide Dog school. She has an adorable mismark – a little patch of white fluff on her chin!

her very girly collar – including her grown up one – her bowl and a Nylabone!

Our Patrick is still in Guide Dog training, and whilst we would normally wait until our pup is done training before taking on a new puppy – Nimble is half-sister to our first Guide Dog puppy, Volt (they have the same mommy), so we were quite excited to be able to raise her too!

It’s been a rough few days! 😀 It has been quite a while since we last had a little puppy, and a Guide Dog puppy is a lot of work! Whilst my husband usually handles the night shift with our puppies, he’s had bronchitis so I have been getting up for the 3am piddle-run.

She’s getting on really well with our other dogs, and she’s still chancing her arm and chasing a cat now and then, but they’re used to puppies so they just stay out of the way.

Nimble is proving to be a smart puppy. She had her first big outing the Sunday after we picked her up when we spent the day at the GDA Winter Festival. She got a LOT of attention, being the youngest puppy at the festival. She handled the crowds like a pro, I was very proud of her! Sadly I didn’t get one picture as we were working as well, but she had loads of people take her picture!

She’s not crazy about car travel yet, but as she goes for a ride every day she’s quickly getting used to it. When we drove home from the Winter Festival she actually slept in the car!

She is doing well with her training. Thanks to GDA’s early puppy socialisation work she has no problem with her collar or walking on lead. We’ve only had a couple of accidents with her housetraining as she’s more than happy to follow the big dogs outside whenever I open the door.
Her obedience training is also going well. She’s already doing a “sit” with the other dogs before I open the door to go outside, she’s learning to stay focussed on my face, and she is starting to respond to her name more often than not.
She’s also being crate trained, which has proven very successful for us in the past. A friend has very kindly loaned us a puppy crate and she sleeps in it overnight, eats in it, and has started to play in it too.

Patrick likes the crate too, and Nimble joins him for naps.


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  1. Oh Angel the cuteness is killing me and every time I see Patrick I want to cry over our Rufus – they look very much alike – Rufie was also a big boy. Enjoy the sweetie

  2. She’s just too cute!! She’s in very good hands. **

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