Patrick is SO Sweet!

Our sweet Patrick got to spend the week at home on a bit of a holiday.

It was lucky for our little Nimble, our new Guide Dog puppy, as she got to snuggle with him during her first week at home. 😀

Patrick also rather fancies Nimble’s crate!

The reason Patrick got to have a bit of a holiday has to do with his training.
As I suspected, our sweet puppy is going to take a little longer to train than the pooches he initially started with. Whilst his kennel mates have a couple of months left in their programme with GDMI Percy, Patrick is not as far along as they are, so he has been moved into the next intake group and will now continue his training with GDMI Moses.

It is really cool that the dogs-in-training get to come home on weekends. We get to see the puppies we raised and they get a little R-‘n-R at home.


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  1. Jessica N and Makiko

    That’s awesome that the pups get to come home on weekends. What a cool idea!! I guess it depends geographically where the pups in training are and where the guide dog schools are, etc. 🙂

  2. Jessica N and Makiko

    Reblogged this on The Way Eye See The World and commented:
    This is pretty neat! At this guide dog school, the pups in training get to come home to their raisers on the weekends. Now, this wouldn’t work for, for example, Lone Star Guide Dog Raisers, because we are in Texas and the schools are in California and Oregon with GDB. Still neat though.

  3. Hi Jessica & Makiko!
    It is very cool for us Jessica 😀
    In South Africa, the dogs are trained mainly in Johannesburg with a small training programme in Cape Town, so their puppies are raised near the training centres.
    There are a few puppy raisers who live just a little too far away to make a twice weekly trip to Guide-dogs practical, and sometimes a pup raised in Joburg is sent to the Cape for training, so those dogs go home to volunteer “boarders” on weekends – often puppy raisers who are “between” puppies. 🙂
    This is a fairly new practice for SA Guide-dogs but it seems to be working for everyone.

  4. How cute are those two – Patrick’s little mini me!

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