Nimble’s First Week Is Over

Little Nimble has well and truly settled into our home and our hearts!

We got to see & cuddle Nimble a few times while she was in puppy block

Before her puppy crate arrived she had this crate to curl up in

At 8 weeks old, she is officially bigger than all our previous puppies, and she’s not overweight! I’m going to watch her growth with interest. She’s now eating 80g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day.

Nimble likes the 4eva ball too!

She’s doing great in the car. She’s no longer whining and she quickly goes to sleep once the car is moving. I still have to bench her to keep her in the passenger footwell when I’m not siting there with her.

Her training is going well.
She has mastered “sit”, is responding really well to her name (recall), and her eye contact (focus) is improving all the time. She has learned to “sit wait” at the door with the other dogs, and her house training is going well.
She sleeps in her crate overnight, eats breakfast and dinner in it, and has started playing in it and running to it when she grabs something she’s not supposed to have.
Last busies in our house is at eleven, then all the lights are switched off and the puppies go to sleep. Nimble wakes once a night – occasionally twice – and then she and the big dogs all go outside for a busy. When they come back in the big dogs go straight back to sleep as we don’t switch on any lights or anything, but Nimble takes a few minutes to settle down again.

All the dogs doing a “sit wait” at the door to the garden

She’s had a couple of busy weekends already. Yesterday she had lots of time in the car and we went to a few places including her first weekly weigh-in at our vet, a pet supply shop for dog food, a dive school where she saw some very strangely dressed people disappearing under water and making loud noises as hey breathed. We also stopped at a Steers and visited my sister so she met lots of people as we gallivanted, and she walked on a number of different surfaces AND experienced a hand dryer in a public bathroom for the first time.
She was very good and didn’t spook at anything.

Lunch & a nap at the dive centre

6.65kg, 8 weeks old

On the floor a the Steers, focussed on mommy!


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  1. that face!!! she’s just lovely!!

  2. She is absolutely adorable! I am in awe of how quickly you get your pups trained. Do you think it helps having the other dogs for her to watch?

    • Isn’t she just!
      It definitely makes a difference to have the other dogs to copy, like when going through doors and waiting for food.
      With our GDA pups though, when they are awake they are being taught. She also has one or two short training sessions every day where we focus on the specific obedience commands.
      I’ve also started using clicker training and it works very quickly – we were taught how to use the clicker at Guide Dogs last year. 😀

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