Two Weeks With Nimble

Little Nimble has well and truly settled into our home and our hearts! She is the cutest little thing! I just love the slightly curly hair on her ears and her little white chin-spot.

Nimble on the evt's scale

Nimble on the vet’s scale

At 9 weeks old, she weighed in at 7.85kg – a whopping 1.2kg up on last week! She’s now eating 90g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day, and we’re using Marlton’s medium soft mini-bone treats and chicken viennas for training.

She’s doing great in the car.
She’s no longer whining and she quickly goes to sleep once the car is moving. I still have to bench her to keep her in the passenger footwell when I’m not sitting there with her, and I am working on getting her to happily climb into the car as she’s not terribly keen on that. That means she eats her lunch in the car, we walk round and round the car, heading for the open door but not actually getting in, and sometimes we sit in the car without actually going anywhere.

Nimble asking to go outside with a food dish she’s not s’posed to play with

Her training is going really well, the clicker works wonders.
She has mastered “sit”, is responding really well to her name (recall), “leave it”, “down”, “stand” and “up sit”, and her eye contact (focus) is improving all the time. She does a good “sit wait” at the door with the other dogs, and her house training is going well. She’s definitely heading for the door when she feels like she needs to busy so if I keep my eye on her I can let her out immediately.
She sleeps in her crate overnight – going in and settling down without whining or crying. She eats breakfast and dinner in it, and has started playing in it and running to it when she grabs something she’s not supposed to have.
Our last “busy” is at eleven, then all the lights are switched off and the puppies go to sleep. Nimble has only woken up in the middle of the night twice in the last week, and then goes straight back to sleep when they all come back inside which is great.
I have also started leaving her home – in her crate – for short periods of time to ensure that she won’t battle with separation anxiety. She’s quite relaxed in her crate with a few toys, not crying or shouting at all. She’s also quite happy to go and nap in another room while I work in the kitchen.

Nutella with her mommy and Nimble with me

we stopped at Kadies after puppy class and she fell asleep on the floor while I was at the till

we visited friends for a birthday party and the birthday girl’s almost 1-year-old GSD-HuskyX was smitten with Nimble

We had our first puppy class today, with Nimble’s sister Nutella and 5 of the 7 “O” litter puppies – Olga, Olive, Oliver, Opera and Opal. We spoke about some of the vital aspects of puppy raising, like not allowing the pups on the furniture and the importance of proper socialisation. Our pups need to meet 100 people a week in their first 20 weeks in order to be properly socialised, and they must be exposed to farm animals as so many Guide Dogs work in rural areas.
Nimble had great fun, she had her picture taken for the sponsorship programme, and she played with the other pups.
She’s been busy and she has a busy week ahead of her. On the weekend we spent Saturday celebrating a friends’ birthday party and there were kids, dogs and lots of people to meet. We’re going to WODAC with SA Guide-dogs on Saturday, we’ve already visited my baking supply shop a couple of times, she’s had her weekly weigh-in at the vet, and we’ll be going to PnP tomorrow.

And now, for your enjoyment, here is some Nimble cuteness!

Nimble and Patrick, napping

Nimble and Riddick, on the floor in my workroom

Nimble and Patrick napping


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