Three Weeks With Nimble

Our little Nimble is beyond precious, and I think she shows me her little white chin-spot when she thinks she deserves her own way!

At 10 weeks old, she weighed in at a whopping 9.2kg – thats 1.35kg up on last week!
She’s eating 110g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day. She should have been on 100g three times a day, and I prefer to have my puppies on the lean side as they grow, but she was a little too skinny for my liking.
We’re using Marlton’s medium-soft, mini-bone treats and tiny bits of chicken vienna for her training sessions, and I have started making frozen treats for her – water layered with treats in plastic cups. It makes a mess but it keeps her busy. 😀

She’s doing great in the car.
She goes to sleep once the car is moving, usually preferring to have her head resting on the seat even though that means she’s not lying flat. I am still working on getting her to happily climb into the car and that is going really well. She’s no longer slamming on anchors when we approach the car.

Her training is going really well.
She has mastered “sit”, is responding really well to her name (recall), “leave it”, “down”, “stand” and “up sit”, and her eye contact (watch) is improving all the time. She does a good “sit wait” at the door with the other dogs as you can see in the picture above, and her house training is going well. She’s definitely heading for the door when she feels like she needs to busy so if I keep my eye on her I can let her out immediately.
She sleeps in her crate overnight – going in and settling down without whining or crying. She eats breakfast and dinner in it, she is now napping and playing in it, and she’s running to it when she grabs something she’s not supposed to have. She’s also sleeping through and waking her for last busies at 11pm is quite a mission!
I am also leaving her home – in her crate – for short periods of time (under an hour) to ensure that she won’t battle with separation anxiety. She’s quite relaxed in her crate with a few toys, not crying or shouting at all. She’s also quite happy to go and nap in another room while I work in the kitchen.

We had our second puppy class today, with Nimble’s sister Nutella and some the “O” litter puppies.
We worked on recall, preventing pulling on the lead, as well as “sit” and “down”. The puppies have to be taught in a certain way so that when their trainers take over, the dogs understand their instructions. They have also introduced a set of assessments that our pups will go through during their first year, a more formal process than just our feedback and our Puppy Development Supervisor’s observations. Its going to be daunting to be tested, but I am confident we will pass the tests with flying colours.

She had a busy week.
We had our weekly trip to the vet, and whilst there were no other dogs there we did visit the examination room with all its weird smells.
Her first trip to our usual Pick n Pay went very well. We were in and out pretty quickly, and followed by a security guard, but she wasn’t at all concerned about the trolleys, or the people, and she met the store manager too.
We spent a large part of Saturday at WODAC with SA Guide-dogs and she handled the people and passing dogs very well. She also walked around with us and we saw koi, ponies, all kinds of treats and toys, other dogs, prams, and children, and there was a lot of noise as we were selling raffle tickets alongside the event arena. On our way home she was very tired, so I was carrying her out of the hall, and we passed a horse that was on show. The crowd had thinned so I asked the horse’s handler if I could bring Nimble closer, and when he said yes I slowly moved Nimble towards the horse, still in my arms. The two of them sniffed each other’s noses, and then Nimble licked the horse’s nose! The horse wasn’t phased at all and I wish I’d had a camera ready.

And now, for your enjoyment, here is some Nimble cuteness!


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  1. Boy, what a clever cutie she is!

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