Four Weeks With Nimble

Our little Nimble is beyond precious, and we think she’s the smartest puppy ever – of course! ūüėÄ
One day last week the weather was cool and overcast, which was perfect weather for photographing our black puppy – which is tricky – and I got a couple of very nice pictures of her.

At 11 weeks old, she weighed in at 10.45kg on the vet’s scale this morning, a 1.25kg gain in the last week!
She’s now eating 120g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day, and I think she’s now perfectly shaped.
Our training treats are now tiny bits of chicken vienna sausages, and her own dry pellets.
The frozen treats I make for the dogs are very much enjoyed – it’s just water, sometimes with peanut butter or plain yoghurt added, frozen in layers with doggy treats in little plastic cups. It makes a bit of a mess, but it satisfies her need to chew and it keeps her busy which is perfect for when I need to leave her in her crate for an hour. ūüėÄ

She’s¬†really good in the car, lying down once we start moving. She’s now happily approaching the car and even getting in on her own sometimes, but heading into parking lots is a new problem! As soon as we start walking towards the car she sits down and won’t move without a bribe!

Her training is going really well.
She has mastered “sit”, “leave it”, “down”, and “up sit”, is responding really well to her name (recall), and “stand”. Her¬†eye contact (watch), her focus on me is great. I don’t want to jinx it but her house training is going so well – its been 5 days with no accidents! She’s definitely heading for the door when she feels like she needs to busy and sometimes she even “knocks”, so if I keep my eye on her I can let her out immediately.
She sleeps in her crate overnight – going in and settling down on the “box in” command with no whining or crying. She eats her breakfast and dinner in it, and she is now napping and playing in it and sharing it with the other dogs. She sleeps through the night from 11pm until Riddick wakes us at about 5:30am, and I’m sure she’d sleep an hour more if Riddick¬†didn’t wake up!
I am leaving her home – in her crate – for short periods of time to ensure that she won’t battle with separation anxiety and there’s no problem there.

We had our third puppy class today, with Nimble’s sister Nutella and some the “O” litter puppies.
We were addressed today by GDMI Permit, who explained the process of positive reinforcement when used for puppy training, and then demonstrated a few techniques for collar cues, treating in the right position, and keeping a loose leash. Nimble did very well while we were sitting in the College of Orientation Lecture Room, staying close to me under the desk and almost completely ignoring the other puppies in the room.


how divine is this picture of our little Nimble, taken at a GDA photo shoot by Victoria Pilcher Photography

It was a busy week for Nimble again. Today we had our weekly trip to the vet, and then we went to puppy class and popped in at Kadies.
We also went to PnP a couple of times, and she had a daily car ride (or two) when I drop and collect my husband at the station for work. On Saturday morning we were at GDA for a photo shoot, with Patrick and several other GDA pups, and on Sunday we were back at GDA for a film shoot.We also drove through to my folks for a bit of a visit, which is a long car ride, and we introduced her to chickens! My mom was very impressed with how quickly Nimble ignored them as we walked through the cages.

And now, for your enjoyment, here is some Nimble cuteness!

Nimble and Riddick happily share the Nylabone, which is definitely worth buying if your dogs love to chew – the hard white one

Nimble and Riddick happily share the Nylabone, which is definitely worth buying if your dogs love to chew – the hard white Nylabone

I always have company while I work

Nimble climbed onto the backseat of the car with Patrick, so I let her stay there while I reversed down the driveway

she loves carrying the bowls around

our puppies love chewing on toilet roll inners


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