Five Weeks With Nimble

Precious little Nimble is growing fast and learning fast!

At 12 weeks old, she weighed in at 11.9kg on the vet’s scale this morning, a 1.45kg gain in the last week, and she’s now eating 130g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day.
Our training treats are now tiny bits of chicken vienna sausages, and her own dry pellets, occasionally with yoghurt drops added.

She’s really good in the car, lying down once we start moving. She’s now happily approaching the car and even getting in on her own sometimes, and heading into parking lots seems to no longer be a problem.


Her training is going really well. She is so clever!
She has mastered “sit”, “leave it”, “down”, “up sit”, and “high five”! She is responding really well to her name (recall), and “stand”. Her eye contact (watch) is great.
I think we can now say her house training is done – it’s been about 2 weeks with no accidents. She heads for the door when she feels like she needs to busy and sometimes she even “knocks” by pawing at the door, and then she sits down and waits to be let out.
She sleeps in her crate overnight, going in and settling down on the “box in” command with no whining or crying, and she naps and plays in it, often sharing it with the other dogs. She sleeps through the night from 11pm until our Riddick wakes us at about 5:30am, and as she is quietly playing with whatever toy we put in for her at bed time, I’m sure she’d sleep an hour more if Riddick didn’t wake up.
I am leaving her home – in her crate – for short periods of time to ensure that she won’t battle with separation anxiety and there’s no problem there.


We had our fourth puppy class today, with Nimble’s sister Nutella and some the “O” litter puppies. We visited a nursery school so the kids could meet and interact with some children, and then went over the road quickly so we could work on climbing stair with open risers.
Over the weekend we visited my family for a nephew’s 4th birthday party, so Nimble had lots of children and babies to meet and greet, and she reacted really well to the litle children. She also spent some time on her own in my mom’s small front garden as she was snoozing after her lunch and I didn’t want her nap too interrupted by children and other dogs.
Last Thursday Nimble and I went to the brand spanking new Blue Hills Pick n Pay! Its a fantastic new shop, and I planned a very short trip with almost 12-week-old Nimble, after making sure with management that it would be okay to bring her. As always we went for a busy before getting in the car, and in the parking lot I told her again to busy.
We had everything I wanted to get, and we were heading for the till when someone asked about her so we stopped for a quick chat, as we puppy raisers do, and Nimble christened the shop as I was done chatting!
It was her first shop piddle and it was in a brand new, first-day-its-doors-are-open supermarket!
I had my puppy bag of course, so I was prepared and I cleaned up quickly, and the store management was beyond awesome – while I was wiping it up the one manager came and said not to worry, he’d called a cleaning crew!
Thank you!

And now, for your enjoyment, here is some Nimble cuteness!



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  1. Oh gosh, she is the cutest little poppet

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