Seven Weeks With Nimble

She’s 14 weeks old, and she weighed in at 14.1kg on the vet’s scale this morning, just over a kilo gained in the last week, and she’s now eating 150g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day.
We continue to use pieces of chicken viennas as training treats, as well as the little Marltons bones (when I can find them).

I have had to coax Nimble into the car again lately as she’s suddenly a little spooked by the shadows of trees that hang over the road as we drive, but we’re working on it. She gets extra treats like a frozen pup-sicle(layers of frozen water, peanut butter, and doggy treats) to chew on in the car, and we’re moving things around over her head at home as well. If I’m in the passenger seat then she’s fine at my feet, but if I’m driving it’s very hard to monitor her reactions AND watch the road, but we’re making progress!
I’m also working on her staying put in the footwell when I get out of the car, until I get around to the passenger side and let her out ‘coz she’s taken to hopping up onto the passenger seat to wait for me! 😀

She is SO clever! And such a live wire!
We’ve switched back to the clicker for her training, with GDA’s okay, and she’s very quick to learn. She’s learnt “sit”, “down”, “up-sit”, and “high five” (not an official command, of course), and she has almost mastered “watch” and “stand”. We’re doing our daily handling sessions, at meal times, and I have now started putting a soft elastic over her face so that if she is trained with a gentle leader, she’ll be used to the sensation already.
She’s pulling on the lead a bit when she’s excited, but our distraction and recall exercises are helping with that a lot, and the “watch” command will make a big difference once she has that down, too.
She’s completely at home in her crate. She naps in it, sleeps in it overnight, and if I’m going to be out for a short while I leave her in her crate rather than take her with me. This is an important part of her training as she has to be okay with being alone on occasion.
We’re teaching her not to reach for the door handle as we can’t have her letting herself out whenever she feels like it, but I wish I could encourage it, just ‘coz it’s so clever!

The media event at GDA went very well, and she got to meet several new people as well as have a romp with her puppy class playmates.
She accompanied us, with Patrick, to the JHB Boat Show, where she stole a few more hearts, and she went with me when I had to take my car in to be looked at. The car place is right next to the highway so while we were walking around outside there were lots of noisy and fast moving trucks and cars going by.

And now, for your enjoyment, here is some Nimble cuteness!

snuggling with Riddick

napping in her crate on the blankie daddy got from the SANBS

This is why our dogs are so dirty all the time!

Napping with Patrick


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  1. That lil face!!!!

  2. Such a clever and beautiful little cutie. I am a big believer in clicker training.

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