Nine Weeks With Nimble

She’s 16 weeks old, and she weighed in at 16.6kg on the vet’s scale, a 1.15kg gain in the last week.
She’s now eating 160g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day, and she has a beautiful build!
This week the vet’s office was quiet when we were there, but she was very excited to be there so we walked around outside till she quieted down a little. As bouncy as she was, she did a beautiful sit-stay on the scale.

Our car work has improved her apparent fear of overhead shadows a bit, but she’s still giving me the whale eye on occasion. She just isn’t relaxing in the car. She’s not drooling, and she’s not whining, but she doesn’t want to be bribed either – not frozen, stuffed hooves, not pupsicles, not treats. I’m also trying to ignore her when she’s uncomfortable so as not to “reward” her restlessness, and it is a little better… We’re now going to try putting some kind of screen between her and the window to try and help her relax in the car.

She is SO clever! And such a live wire!
Our training sessions are going well, she responds really well to the clicker, and we’ve added STAY to our SIT, DOWN, WATCH, and STAND commands.
We’re working on loose-leash walking, but as with our other pups this is something I battle with. Our Puppy Development Supervisor showed us another exercise during puppy class today that we can use so I’m going to try that now as well.

On Saturday we were at the TicketPro Dome for the Getaway Show, helping GDA sell raffle tickets and build awareness. Nimble did really well with all the attention.
Yesterday I took my dad for a check up at Jacaranda Hospital in Pretoria, and Nimble went with us. We dropped my folks off and went for a quick walk up the street so she could have a busy and see some traffic, and then we went inside to the cafeteria where she went to sleep next to my chair! Most people didn’t even realise she was there.

Puppy class this week was at GDA, and the food sponsors, Bob Martin, were there doing some filming during puppy class. It was a little tricky keeping quiet during the filming, and we had to stay put for quite a while, but once they were finished the puppies had a good romp in the garden before we did another training exercise.
When we got home she slept for a solid two hours before waking up for her lunch!

And now, for your enjoyment, here is some Nimble cuteness!


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