Ten Weeks With Nimble

Wow, how time flies!

She’s 17 weeks old, and she weighed in at 17.7kg on the scale at GDA during puppy class (no picture of her on the scale).
She’s now eating 170g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day, and I think she has a beautiful build. She’s still so soft, and the hair on her back and her ears is ever so slightly curly, and she has a cute little curl on the end of her tail.
She is SO clever! And such a live wire!
And we’ve swopped her “small” puppy jacket for a “medium”! 🙂
Our training sessions are going well, she responds really well to the clicker, and we’ve added STAY to our SIT, DOWN, WATCH, and STAND commands.
We’re working on loose-leash walking, but as with our other pups this is something I battle with. Our Puppy Development Supervisor showed us another exercise during puppy class today that we can use so I’m going to try that now as well.
We also have to do more work on her recall, which I thought was going great but seems to have slipped a bit…
At puppy class this week, we started with the circle as always, talking about how the pups are progressing in their training, and then the pups spent a few minutes in kennels with a sibling or two – Nimble and Nutella were together – while were all out of sight, and then they went to the GDA scale for a weigh-in.

puppy circle

heading to kennels for playtime and a weigh-in

post-puppy class water trough mash-up!

Our car work has improved her apparent fear of overhead shadows a bit, but she’s still giving me the whale eye on occasion. Putting a towel over the footwell as a screen between her and the window has helped her relax in the car so we’re going to continue doing that.

We had the usual shopping trips and car rides in the week, and on Sunday we visited the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for the Sasol Bird Fair. I arranged access for Nimble in the days before we went, and she was a hit.
A few people told me dogs weren’t allowed in the park, a security guard and a guy from SANBI stopped us and asked why she was there, and a few people asked if they would be allowed to bring their dogs, and as I normally do – I explained that she’s a Guide Dog Puppy, which is why she wears the blue jacket, and that I had arranged permission for her to accompany us.
She was as good as gold and we walked all OVER the park! The kids were tickled pink by how she drank from the water fountain the same way they did!
By the time we left she was pooped and she slept all afternoon.

worn out after walking all over the botanical gardens

sitting good and quiet in the Clicks pharmacy

And now, for your enjoyment, here is some Nimble cuteness!

turning newspaper into confetti


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