Riddick Diagnosed Diabetic


My baby boy spent two days at the vet (coming home at night, thank goodness) so they could monitor his blood sugar and then start him on insulin, and this morning I gave him an insulin shot after breakfast. The vet showed me how, and he’ll get two shots a day, after breakfast and after supper.
It’s a low dose to begin with because he has to adjust to it, and at the moment it doesn’t seem to do anything to his blood sugar levels, but I have to be patient.
Thanks to the training and handling he’s had since he was a little puppy, he holds perfectly still for his shot – in the scruff of his neck, and for his blood tests – a little needle-prick in his ear.

My poor boy is still losing weight – he’s already more than 3kg down – and will most likely continue to do so until we stabilise him.
The vet is sure he’ll be okay, and my head is telling me he’ll be fine, but I am so worried about him.
My heart says to feed him extra so he’ll stop losing weight, but that won’t help him at all.
He’s peeing more or less every hour, big pees as well, sometimes with quite a slow stream, and he’s waking us up in the wee hours of the morning to go and drink water or have a piddle. Hopefully, this will stop when he’s stable.
He’s not throwing up anymore like he was on Tuesday night thank goodness, he was so miserable.
And last night I was thrilled to see him have a proper poo!


We’ll go back to the vet in a week so they can check him again and adjust his dose.

My poor baby… I don’t even want to leave him at home without me so I can keep an eye on him!

At least – unlike humans – he can’t eat anything he’s not supposed to…

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  1. Ah poor boy! I hope that the insulin works fast and well

  2. Ah poor sweet Riddick! I hope he stabilises really soon. It must be so stressful for all of you {{hugs}}

  3. Poor pup. I pray all gets sorted out soon and he can carry on normally once they get the meds right.

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