Weekends With Patrick

Much like a varsity student, our Guide-Dog-in-training Patrick gets to come home on weekends.


His training is going really well with GDMI Moses, and I am confident he will be ready to graduate when the time comes. Here’s the latest from his trainer: “Patrick and I have been working very hard. We have been exposing him to different environments and he is handling the pressure so well. He is a calm and relaxed boy who loves working. Patrick is dog distracted and food obsessed that’s the only problem we trying to work on. He is responding well to clicker training and we see lots of improvement in his work. I have swapped him around with different dogs we have in training he gets along nicely with all of them.
Kind regards,

We are so pleased and proud. And he’s as snuggly and lovable as ever.

Little Nimble loves it when Patrick comes over, ‘coz she gets to snuggle up with him on the floor when all the other dogs are up on the furniture!


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