Our Poor Twister…

On September 10th, we got the results of our Twister’s urinalysis after he spent the day at the vet.
Despite recent vet visits and shots, he was still peeing on the dog’s beds instead of in the litterboxes. He had crystals in his urine, so we switched him to a special food, which would stop the crystals forming, and then clear it up in a couple of weeks.
He has to stay on this special diet to prevent the crystals recurring.

Its now more than three weeks later and Twister is STILL peeing on the dog’s beds – if I leave them on the floor – and he’s spraying my walls and curtains, and worst of all he’s spraying US!!
I’ve never heard of anyone’s cats actually spraying his people!


My poor twisted kitten is now shut into my shower, as I can keep the door shut and the smooth glass sides means he can’t get out. He has a blanket, a litterbox, water and toys, and I am REALLY hoping this will, for lack of a better word, force him to use the litterbox again…

It breaks my heart to listen to him calling, ‘coz he doesn’t know what’s going on… But I have to stop him peeing everywhere.
He’s pooping in the litterboxes, but he’s also spending most of his time lying in the doorway to the bathroom where the litterboxes are – which means the other cats won’t go past him to get inside and now Magic has started peeing in my potplants!!!


I don’t know what to do anymore…

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  1. Oh God! Our kids!!! Good luck Angel – guess we all have our struggles. And vet bills! 😦

  2. Ah man, poor kitty and poor you! Hope it’s all sorted soon.

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