Fourteen Weeks With Nimble

Nimble is 21 weeks old, eating 210g of Bob Martin puppy food three times a day, and she weighed 21.05kg on the vet’s scale.

Puppy class last week was a group training walk around Brightwater Commons, with Nimble, Nutella, Pippa, Opal, Oliver and Olga. We did some obedience work, rode in a lift, had an up-close look at a Segway, looked down from the upper level, walked over the metal plate at the top of the escalators, climbed stairs, and got to watch some skateboarders do their thing. Then we headed for the parking lot where they drank water and relaxed in the shade of the GDA vehicle on the damp paving for a bit.
I was so proud of our Nimble! It was our first proper training walk with her wearing the Gentle Leader and she was an absolute superstar! Our Puppy Development Supervisor was very pleased with how she’s doing with it. We’ve been working on her putting it on and taking it off, and getting used to wearing it, but we hadn’t been for a proper walk yet and I was worried she’d spend all her time trying to get it off! By the time we went to get water and head home she was quite relaxed.
We also had our usual shopping trips, including one to Makro where she saw one of their forklifts in action for the first time! She barked at it a little, so we did some obedience exercises until she was calm again and then we left.
And this week was our last puppy class, with a short presentation from GDA’s Executive Director, Gail Glover. The puppies played in kennels while we had cookies and listened to Gail, so Nimble was sopping wet- of course- when I fetched her!

Nimble and I and another puppy raiser also assisted GDA at an event hosted by the Nationa Accommodation Association, where they received a couple of donations and got to meet quite a few new people.


We spent time last weekend at the Hobby-X expo with Patrick and Nimble, and they were both very well behaved. At one point, Nimble took a nap with her head in the water bowl she had just emptied! After three hours though, Nimble decided there was no way she was going to wear the Gentle Leader anymore, so we headed home.


Nimble’s big-girl teeth are fast replacing her puppy teeth. I’ve also replaced her puppy collar with her big-girl collar! She’s growing so fast!

Car travel is okay, she’s still not completely relaxed, but we have made progress, and she’s definitely happier if I put a cover of some sort over the footwell – typically a towel draped from the dashboard to the front seat. The one day we were driving home from somewhere – I forget where exactly – and it was so very hot I let her travel home on the back seat as we weren’t going far, with the air con going full ball. She seems much happier there but she’s not yet allowed to travel there on a regular basis. And coming home from Hobby-X, she and Patrick were together in the backseat, also because of the sweltering heat and it being a short ride, and I blasted the air con for all our benefits.
Over the weekend we spent a lot of time in the car, visiting my folks and my inlaws, and she’s fine on longer trips even though she doesn’t chill out completely.


And now, for your enjoyment, here is some mud-loving Nimble cuteness!

Patrick (red collar) and Nimble on the cool bathroom floor

A perfect muddy print of her chest and forelegs… On my bed!

she made confetti!


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