Seventeen Weeks With Nimble

She’s 24 weeks old and she weighed in at 23.1kg on the vet’s scale this morning.
She’s eating 240g of Bob Martin puppy food twice a day. She would still have been on 3 meals a day, but she wasn’t finishing her lunch! All Nimble’s baby teeth have been replaced by her grown up teeth, and she doesn’t look much like a little puppy anymore at all. We are biased, but she is beautiful.

Our car work has improved, she isn’t completely relaxed in the car but she’s lying down more than not which is good. She’s not drooling, and she’s not whining, but she doesn’t want to be bribed either – not frozen, stuffed hooves, not pup-sicles, not treats. I’m also trying to ignore her when she’s uncomfortable so as not to “reward” her restlessness, and it is better.


She is SO clever! And such a live wire!
Our training sessions are going well, she responds really well to the clicker, and we’ve added STAY to our SIT, DOWN, WATCH, and STAND commands.
We’re working on loose-leash walking and dog distraction, but as with our other pups this is something I battle with. 😦 I am trying the exercises our Puppy Development Supervisor showed me, and when she’s wearing her Gentle Leader she’s a star.
Our puppy classes are now finished, so from now on it will be group training walks at malls with our PDS and home visits.
She’s experienced the very noisy floor scrubbers and polishers when we were in a mall one morning early, she’s seen the forklifts at Makro in action, and she went to a meeting with me where she had to lie good and quiet under the table even though there was another puppy there.

And here’s some Nimble cuteness, just because!


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  1. She is just such a beautiful cutie!

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