Nineteen Weeks With Nimble

She’ll be 26 weeks old on Sunday, she weighed in at 24.2kg on the vet’s scale this morning, and she’s 52cm tall at the shoulder.
She’s eating 250g of Bob Martin puppy food twice a day, and she finishes all her food in one go without choking herself or gulping it down.

She’s happily jumping into and out of the car, the front footwell and the back seat, and whilst she is still not sleeping in the car – not completely relaxed – there’s no more “whale-eye”, and she no longer looks as if she REALLY wants out.

With the heat we’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks, we haven’t gone out a lot. Nimble has a longer than average coat, thanks to her Golden Retriever mom, and she gets really hot – moving into the shade every chance she gets. And hot tar or paving is no joke on bare puppy feet.
We visit out usual shops – Pick n Pay, Clicks, Kadies, Checkers – and whilst she is tempted to greet the children she sees, she listens when I tell her to “leave it”.
She is also definitely showing signs of entering her adolescent phase – she’s not a barker unless she gets really excited during a game, she has started to jump up on people who greet her, and she displaying some selective hearing at times, luckily SA Guide-dogs told us about this stage of puppy raising.
Our training sessions are going well, and she responds really well to the clicker. We work on STAY, SIT, DOWN, WATCH, STAND, SIT-STAY, DOWN-STAY in our sessions, and we work on food distraction- she is learning to ignore treats I drop on the floor while I prepare the treat pouch for our training sessions.
We continue to work on loose-leash walking and dog distraction, but as with our other pups this is something I battle with. 😦 I am trying the exercises our Puppy Development Supervisor showed me, and when she’s wearing her Gentle Leader she’s a star.

And here’s some Nimble cuteness, just because!

snoozing in her crate

😀 caught her red, er… pawed?

cool bathroom tiles


“Please can I stay outside… It’s so much cooler in the sand!”

pretty girl, no more puppy in that face

trying to convince Penny to play with her

a damp towel on the bathroom tiles is perfect in the heat

Our garden is so dry and dusty with no rain and water restrictions, so wherever the dogs sleep they leave dusty patches on the floor. This is Nimble’s favourite corner.

It’s funny to visit the vet!


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