Twenty Weeks With Nimble

Isn’t she beautiful!

She’s 27 weeks old, and she weighed in at 25.45kg on the vet’s scale this morning
She’s eating 270g of Bob Martin puppy food twice a day, and she finishes all her food in one go without choking herself or gulping it down.

We had a bit of a training outing last week with our Puppy Development Supervisor at the kid’s party venue we’ve been to – the one with a little farmyard. Puppies Paige and Purdy joined us and they had a wonderful time.
Nimble was a little wary when we walked in the gate, but she remembered she’s been there before and I think she would happily have jumped into the enclosure to play with the donkey. Then we went for a little walk and our Puppy Development Supervisor is very happy with her progress, even her dog distraction is minor.

We visited a nursery school with several other puppies-in-training where we spoke to the preschoolers about puppy raising and Guide Dogs.

We also went on a couple of training walks at the malls near us. We went on one walk with a little yellow Lab named Scotty, and we did another walk at a different mall with black Lab Annie (remember she stayed with us for a while) where Nimble and Annie got to try out a kiddy’s jungle gym – neither of them hesitating to climb the steps and go down the slide!

Our training sessions are going well, and she responds really well to the clicker. We are working on food distraction – she is learning to ignore treats I drop on the floor while I prepare the treat pouch for our training sessions.

She experienced her first real rain storm too, and she loved it!

And here’s some Nimble cuteness, just because!


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