Nimble Is Seven Months Old!

She weighed 27.25kg on the vet’s scale on Monday morning – an 800g gain on last week!

It was another really hot week, so we didn’t go out a lot – the car turns into an oven if it’s parked anywhere in the sun for more than a few minutes. We had one VERY busy day, we started at PartySpot, popped in at Makro – and left soon afterwards because it was SOO busy, then we stopped for fuel, drove to Kadies, and then popped in at Pick n Pay before heading home. Nimble was an absolute superstar, despite the heat and the crowds!
We had one really fun outing too, at another puppy raiser’s house. Nimble joined GDA puppies Purdy, little Sterling, Ivy, Juliet, Kendall and Lego, and a few non-GDA dogs and they had a wonderful time in a puppy pool – though Nimble preferred a smaller shallower pool to the big one, and they got to see sheep, chickens and cows.
The dogs had a ball, and I got a sunburn, and Nimble was quite exhausted afterwards!

She’s definitely well into her adolescent phase, not responding to her name when she’s outside, barking at new noises, digging holes in the garden (with our Penny’s encouragement and assistance), and jumping on the bed!

She’s far more relaxed in the car – in the front footwell and on the back seat, sometimes even falling asleep.

And here is a little Nimble cuteness for you.

chewing on the 4Eva ball

we don’t put the loo paper on the roller ‘coz our cats unroll it every time – and this toilet roll fell on the floor

keeping me company while I bake


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