Nimble Is Eight Months Old!

She’s 36 weeks old, and she weighed 29.8kg on the vet’s scale.

It was a hot Christmas, and we had a full house too! Guide-Dog-in-training Patrick got to come home for a bit of a holiday, and my parents’ dog Topolino (a fox terrier cross) came to live with us as he kept killing my brother-in-law’s prize chickens.




Nimble and the other dogs enjoyed the cool of our air conditioned bedroom and the tiled bathroom, and Nimble likes sleeping in the shower – especially when it’s damp!



She’s far more relaxed in the car – in the front footwell and on the back seat, sometimes even falling asleep.

We had a training outing with a few other puppies in early January, and Nimble did very well in the mall we visited. After the walk we popped in at the Wimpy for a cooldrink and the puppies were all very well behaved.

And just ‘coz it’s so cute, here’s a picture of Nimble and her favourite playmate Patrick.


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