Thirty Six Weeks With Nimble

Lookit her little white spot on her chin! Picture by GDA’s Gail Glover

Our “little girl” is almost 10 months old! She weighs just over 30kg and she’s admired wherever she goes!
She’s jet black, with a slightly longer coat than a Lab thanks to her Golden Retriever mommy, and she’s beautifully proportioned.

After a walk at Woodmead, chilling in the shade with some water

Nimble doing the treat challenge!

She’s smart, and lovable, and big for a female Lab.
She loves jumping into and out of the car, and likes to look out the window when we’re going somewhere.

In the car on the sexy new car seat cover

Relaxing in the car more and more

Focused on mommy on an outing

The armrest makes a handy headrest!

Nimble takes the towels from the bathroom floor (we don’t use bathmats) and uses them as pillows.

Nimble and I visited a nursery school with a few other GDA puppies a few weeks ago – Sawyer, Tanner and Whyla. Nimble was very well behaved, and the visit went very well with the older kiddies coming for cuddles with the puppies.

This week Nimble is staying over at GDA’s kennels – an important part of the puppy’s first year so that when they start their formal training the people, and smells, and routines are not completely strange to them, which can cause stress. She’ll be home for the weekend, and then she’ll be back next week for another stay. While she’s there our Puppy Development Supervisor will also be working on her dog distraction issues with dogs barking at her from behind gates.

Nimble in training with our Puppy Development Supervisor, a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor, and Guide-Dog-in-training Juliet.

She likes the cushions, but usually sleeps on the floor!

And even when she is on a cushion – her head is on the floor!

Her daddy had a bath, and as we rather shower than bath, it needed to be investigated!

Bath time for Nimble, the corner bath makes it so much easier!

Asleep with her her on the floor, as usual!

Mud…? What mud?

Nimble on the scale at the vet, 42 weeks old.

Nimble’s new favourite nap spot – in the bath!


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  1. She is such a beauty Angel!

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