Forty Weeks With Nimble


Our little girl, our Nimble, has been with us for 40 weeks (last Friday), and in a week she will be eleven months old! She weighed a smidge under 30kg on the vet’s scale this morning, and she’s 54cm tall at the shoulder.

She spent some time at GDA’s kennels this month, and this is an important part of her puppy raising so that when she starts her formal training she’s familiar with the smells and the routine – this reduces any stress she might experience. She had several outings with our Puppy Development Supervisors while she was there.

She had great fun, and she was very glad to come home.

Nimble has the funniest habit of sleeping with either her head, or her bum on one of the dog beds (‘scuse the tear in the cover above – they all need repairs), she starts out on the bed, and gradually stretches and rolls in her sleep till she’s almost on the floor! 😀

Nimble loves napping in the bath! We seldom bath, preferring to shower, so the bath is usually dry so no muddy footprints – and she’s decided it’s the coolest place to snooze!

If there’s a towel on the bathroom floor, which we use instead of bathmats, she scrunches it up and uses it as a pillow! 😛

Nimble is so much more relaxed in the car lately, sometimes even falling asleep!


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