We’ve Come A Long Way!


Our Penny went today for her annual vaccinations.
I wanted to go in the morning so we could avoid a reception area full of dogs but I was too late, so we headed back at 12 noon, not realising people would be getting there well before 12 anyway!
I had a hoof for her, as well as some treats and her favourite toy so I could keep her attention on me, but it didn’t really work until we were about the only people there, waiting our turn.
I am SO proud of her! It’s been a long, tiring journey, and we’re still on it, but she was great with the other dogs! There were no hackles, and she didn’t bark at them. She was interested, but I didn’t let her get too close.
There was a guy with two Yorkies in the waiting room, they weren’t on lead and I was very close to confronting him about it, but I took Penny outside instead.
The vet gave her her shots, recommended she lose a couple of kilos (she weighed 34.6kg compared to last year’s 31.2kg), and off we went.
It was so good to see her like that. Make no mistake- she’s anything but calm, but she’s so much more relaxed than before, and she hardly paid any attention to the other dogs.

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