We Have A Week Left…

Raising Nimble has gone by so fast!

On May 9th, Nimble will go back to GDA to be sterilised, and she’ll stay at kennels until the 20th so they can ensure her surgery wound heals properly and her stitches come out. Then she’ll be home for a weekend, and on May 23rd she will return to GDA to start her formal training with GDMI Moses.

Nimble’s formal Guide Dog training will begin with her bonding with her trainer at kennels – they will spend time together playing, and walking, and he will groom and feed her as he gets to know her before they start the formal training process. Luckily for Moses she already knows about the clicker. 😛

We are convinced, of course, that our puppies are smarter than all the other puppies, and Nimble is no exception. 🙂 She’s a big, strong girl, and she’s a fast learner.

Luckily for us as puppy raisers, she’ll be coming home on weekends, which makes it a wee bit easier to say goodbye than if we weren’t going to see her again until her graduation!

We will also be celebrating her birthday a couple of days early as she won’t be home on her birthday.


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