Nimble Has Started Her Guide Dog Training

Our Nimble has now officially started her formal training as a Guide Dog – today was her “intake day”.

Isn’t she beautiful! This picture was taken shortly before her first birthday.

This morning we went through to SA Guide-Dogs to meet with GDMI Joel, who will be working with her for her first two weeks until her trainer, GDMI Moses, takes over. She’s actually been at GDA’s kennels for a couple of weeks already, as she was supposed to be spayed shortly after her first birthday, but she went on heat so her op was postponed! We got to have a bit of a cuddle and a visit with her this morning before meeting with her trainer, and she was very glad to see us.

Today’s intake day was also different to before, in that today we had cake and coffee with a few of the other puppy raisers who were also bringing their dogs in to start their formal training. That was really nice.

Luckily for us puppy raisers, our pups get to come home on weekends while they are in formal training. As Nimble is in kennels for another week while she’s in heat, and will then be spayed, it’ll be a few more weeks before she gets to come home on weekends.
Thankfully she spent lots of time in GDA’s kennels while she was being raised by us, and they are kenneled with a puppy-friend so she’s not worried about being there.
And very sweetly, the volunteer who helps with the puppy handling sent us a couple of pictures of Nimble in kennels! Here she is with puppy-in-training Opal as a kennel-mate, they are both in season.

It’s been really strange not having our girl at home, and we miss her lots.


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