Our Nimble…

Our beautiful, precious, Nimble pup has been withdrawn from Guide Dog training.


Our Nimble has been withdrawn from Guide Dog training, due to suspicion. She has a bit of an anxious streak, and certain things make her nervous and very distracted – loud dogs behind gates is a big one, and apparently children now too. So what happens is she’ll get distracted by something, but not in a “ooh-what-was-that-oh-never-mind” way, as a working dog should. She’s confident and happy during training, and she’s happy in her harness, but there are little things that stress her when she should be working, and then she can’t concentrate on her work properly. And that would put her and her handler in danger.
She has gone as far as she could go, even with extended training and time to help her mature. She loves her work in-harness with her trainer, completing her blindfold trials in record times, but there’s no more to do. She won’t be a Guide Dog.


She came home for Christmas, as was the plan anyway. And its been so wonderful to have our snuggly baby home.

We want to keep her, desperately, but we really can’t afford another dog. Our Riddick costs us a fortune and keeping her would make it really hard to raise another GDA puppy.
We’ve had six and seven dogs over weekends, and its just too much long term… Our Riddick really battles with too many dogs in the house. 😦 His eyes have deteriorated, and when he’s in the garden and the big dogs get too rowdy, he wants to play but he gets turned around and you can see he takes a little while to work out which way he is facing.
How are we going to give her up to someone else?!??!?
Its so much harder to think of her living with another family, than her living and working as a Guide Dog. 😥

When I do my presentation at the puppy raiser induction, I give the new puppy raisers a heads’ up that if their puppy doesn’t complete its training it can be hard to take, and if you can’t keep your career-changed puppy it can break your heart – but this is the first time I have actually felt it. 😦

~ UPDATE ~ 5 February 2017 ~

Nimble has been rehomed, and her new family collected her from us on January 16th.
They have kept us updated during her transition and she seems to be settling in beautifully. She is adored, and seems to be living her best life, indeed.


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  1. This is so heart breaking. Hope Nimbles finds a good home

    • I should have included that GDA is very particular with rehoming the career changed pups, with recommendations from her trainers as to what would be best for her.
      They have a long waiting list, and they are very careful so I know she’ll find her place. ❤

  2. Ah man, how very sad! I am sure she will find a wonderful home x

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