Penny At School (Sixth Visit & First Class)

On Saturday morning we headed back to Manderston with Riddick and Penny, to walk around and play. Riddick got to play off-lead too, but he couldn’t get to the thrown toy unless we held Penny back. 😛 Next time I’ll take his ball with the bells in it.
We had fun, and we actually walked around the little farmers co-op market with the two of them on-lead, which I didn’t think we’d ever be able to do, and as always, their friendly nature charmed everyone!


On Sunday morning we went back with Penny, to start her classes. We ended up joining a big advanced class (several of us were supposed to be in an intermediate class), and as planned we were out on the end of the line of dogs, but she did really well. I didn’t attempt the commands I know she won’t know yet, and she’s VERY distracted – by other dogs, and toys lying around, and a dog climbing onto her daddy’s lap, a bird flying overhead – but she learns so fast. We stuck to commands I knew she would do well with, to continue building her confidence. At the end of the lesson they did one-on-one work, with each dog and their owner performing a set of instructions called out by the trainer, all off-lead.
One of these is a “send away”. The person puts their dog in a stay, walks a distance away and leaves a treat, then returns to the dog, who must then go and fetch the treat and return to their owner. With Penny we didn’t attempt all the exercises, and for the send-away I walked just five steps while the trainer held her lead, and I used a toy as she’s not treat-driven, but she loved it! As soon as I produced the ball she was completely focused – albeit on the toy, not on me. 😛 The other people in our group had a good giggle at her love of toys! She ran to fetch it and came straight back to me.

Penny joined our family from Labrador Rescue – you can help support their work.
Just click on their logo!




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