Meet GDA Pup Riggs!

We collected our new Guide Dog puppy from the SA Guide-Dogs Puppy Block last Friday! ❤

our Puppy Raising Supervisor bringing our puppy to me

We were very excited when we found out our first choice in puppy names had been approved – inspired by the character from the Lethal Weapon movies – we named him Riggs! 😀

the only time we’re allowed to hold our pups on our laps in the car – their first trip home

We’ve had our Puppy Raiser Induction, and our first class (before we got our puppy), and now starts the hard work! I’ve read the new manual, and the new guidelines, and our first Puppy Club class is on April 4th.

Riggs’s first night at home

We bought him a new collar in bright orange, and a new towel to match – the towel was rubbed all over his mommy in Puppy Block so he could come home with a familiar smell in his bed.
And we are huge fans of crate training – Riggs has been sleeping and playing in his crate since we brought him home.

how cute is that face

Thanks to the incredible work done by specially trained handlers while the pups are still in Puppy Block with their mommy, Riggs is quite happy to wear his collar, and he’s quite a confident pup!
He’s learning fast, and we’re using clicker training, and he’s just so cute and snuggly!

asleep on mommy’s foot

Our first weekend was hectic,with so many new things for him to get used to, and with a puppy-sized bladder he can’t sleep through the night just yet so we’re all a little bleary-eyed around here today! 😛


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We have 4 cats who live exclusively indoors, we have 4 dogs live mostly inside, and we are Guide Dog puppy raisers for SA Guide-Dogs!

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  1. Oh he is just the cutest little boy!

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