One Week With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

How much is Guide Dog puppy raising like having a baby in the house? You rush like a mad thing to get things done while the puppy is asleep!

Its been a long while since we last had a Guide Dog puppy in the house, and this first week was quite an adjustment!  He is being crate trained, and doing very well, but he doesn’t yet sleep through – although he slept from 11:20pm to 5:20pm last night! Yay! Six solid hours of sleep! 💤

A Guide Dog puppy’s first week at home is mostly spent getting used to their new environment – there are many new smells and sounds for a puppy to get used to with their new family’s daily routine.
He has to ride for short trips in the car every day, but it has to be done gently so that the puppy doesn’t get spooked by car travel.
His naps through the day are getting shorter, and further apart, though, so we’re having to find more and different ways to keep him busy, apart from training, grooming, and handling.

You’re allowed to have your Guide Dog Puppy on your lap if you’re sitting on the floor 😁 This was after our handling session – best done when puppy starts getting sleepy.


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