Five Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 12 weeks old today!

He weighs 11.6kg, and he’s now eating 120g Bob Martin’s dry puppy food three times a day. He’s learning really fast and responds well to the clicker training. His recall is brilliant, and he’s asking to go outside to busy by going to sit at the door

Puppy Club at GDA on Tuesday was a busy one! We started our class by letting the puppies greet each other on lead, and then headed for an empty kennel enclosure in the training block. We’re doing our Puppy Club classes in the kennel enclosures, so that the puppies can learn early on to make a positive association with the training kennels.
We allowed the pups to play off-lead for a little while, and then demonstrated the current commands for our Puppy Raising Supervisor to check on their progress, and then allowed some more free-play before we started on new commands.
Last week we started with the hand signal for “DOWN”, so we added the verbal command, and this week we started with the hand signals for “STAY” and “TOUCH” (no verbal commands yet).
We ended off the class by introducing the puppies to the van that the Guide-Dogs-in-training are transported in by their trainers, and did a recall exercise (which Riggs ACED ).

A little over a week ago, we moved Riggs’s crate from the spot next to my side of our bed, to the corner of our room, in line with all the other dog beds along the wall. As with all our Guide Dog puppies, Riggs loves to sleep close to me, and after we moved the crate to the corner we started battling a bit to get him to go back to sleep after late night busies! So we moved the crate back to its original spot, and not 10 minutes after he ate his lunch, he was happily playing in it again!
As my husband said, its all about location, location, location!

Riggs is up to 18 minutes “alone time” in his crate – with a frozen treat to keep him occupied! Myself and the other dogs are not in the room, and I don’t say anything to him before I leave or when I return.
It is very important for a puppy to learn to be okay on his or her own so that they do not get naughty or destructive when they have to spend time alone.


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