Six Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 13 weeks old today! Everyone comments on the size of his feet, and his beautiful face! 😀

He weighs 12.7kg – he gained just over a kilogram in the last week! He’s now eating 130g Bob Martin’s dry puppy food three times a day, and he LURVS his food!

Riggs had his last shopping trip in a trolley last weekend as he is now allowed to walk on the floor in shopping centres. He’s been really great on the few short shopping trips we’ve had.

He learns really fast, and responds so well to the clicker. We are now using the verbal command and the hand signal for DOWN, and we added the verbal command to the hand signal for STAY and TOUCH, so Riggs’s repertoire now consists of SIT, WATCH, DOWN, STAY, TOUCH, HUP – which is the command for him to jump into the car (and he literally jumps), and LETS GO.
We also continue to practise loose-leash walking which is very important for a Guide Dog.
Puppy Club class this week took place at a school, where the pups could interact with little children (I think they were 5 year olds). Having the children sitting around them, touching them, all talking at once, and feeding them treats, is very important for the puppies so they associate children with treats and fun.

This week was a busy one – we attended an Open Day at GDA the day after Puppy Club and Riggs did so well! The Open Day is a day specially set aside and planned for the puppies on the Puppy Raising programme, of all ages, to see and try out all kinds of obstacles and tasks.
This is partly for the pups to see things they might not come across with their puppy raiser (like the floppy-blowing-man advertising gimmick thing), and partly for the Puppy Raising Supervisors to see how they are doing and how they handle various obstacles and distractions (like other dogs, noises, an obstacle course, stairs, children, and grooming). The Puppy Raising Supervisors and the Trainers monitor the various stations, and they are on hand to give guidance where its needed. With around 30 puppies in attendance, you can imagine that its quote a thing to organise! And its a lot of fun! Riggs was quite worn out!

On Thursday Riggs went with me to the place that looks after our car. It’s got big flags outside, many different staircases, it’s next to the highway, lots of different walking surfaces from grass to big rocks, and bricks, and shiny tiles, and there are people in and out all the time. He got to meet several people, we played outside on the grass, climbed stairs, police cars went by on the highway… We made the most of our long wait! 🙂

The other dogs in our home are slowly allowing Riggs to lie with them for a few minutes at a time, as long as he lies still and behaves himself. 😀

And just ‘coz he’s so cute, here are a whole lot of pictures of our gorgeous Riggs for you to enjoy – sleeping in his crate, inspecting our DIY handiwork, sleeping like a pretzel, and riding in the car!


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