Seven Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 14 weeks old today!

He weighs a whopping 13.9kg! He’s now eating 140g Bob Martin’s dry puppy food three times a day, and he LURVS his food! He’s doing a beautiful SIT-STAY while he waits for me to say OK to start eating! ❤

Riggs is a “card carrying” member of the Upside Down Club!

One of the “risks” of Puppy Raising, and having a Labrador in your house, is a little destruction. I try to keep an eye on my pups as much as I can because they can’t learn how NOT to behave if you aren’t with them to teach them – which is one of the reasons a Guide Dog puppy can’t grow up in a kennel environment. One day this week I got a little too busy and distracted, and Riggs and his “big brother” Riddick decided this uncovered dog bed cushion was a little too stuffed (the covers had got washed)! 😛

lining up the, erm… pups, in front of the car for a photograph

The day before Puppy Club we went along to GDA for a PR photoshoot, which was tricky ‘coz the pups are all a year old and younger and are quickly distracted by each other! It was fun and chaotic!
Puppy Club class this week took place at a school again, where the pups spent 10 minutes in three different classes with kids of different ages. They could interact with the children (2, 3, and 5 year olds), with the children sitting around them, touching them, all talking at once, and feeding them treats. Riggs handled it all like an old pro! We then went through a few of their obedience and dog distraction exercises in the school parking lot – which teaches the pups that their learning applies no matter where they are.
He learns really fast, and responds really well to the clicker. We are now using the verbal command and the hand signal for DOWN, STAY, TOUCH, SIT, WATCH, HUP – which is the command for him to jump into the car (and he literally jumps), and LETS GO.
We also continue to practise loose-leash walking which is very important for a Guide Dog.

Last Sunday, I went to #Hostex17 to see the cakes (I am a cake artist), and Riggs went with me. We were only there for about an hour since thats about as much as he can handle, but what a busy hour it was! I saw the cakes – which were fantastic – and Riggs got to see police horses in the parking lot, and peacocks in the garden! There were stairs to climb, metal grates to cross, and hand driers in the bathroom. There were so many smells with the nature of the show, and lots of people to impress! When we got home he had his lunch and went straight to sleep! 😀

Here’s little Riggs practising his SIT-STAY with “big brother” Riddick (left) and “big sister” Penny. They are waiting for me to say “LET’S GO” or “OK” so they can join me outside. 🙂

And just ‘coz he’s so cute, here are a whole lot of pictures of our gorgeous Riggs for you to enjoy, some of which he’s with his “housemates” – our other dogs!


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