Eight Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 15 weeks old today!

He weighs a whopping 14.8kg, he’s getting 150g Bob Martin’s dry puppy food three times a day, and he’s doing a beautiful SIT-STAY while he waits for me to say EAT! ❤

Puppy Club class this week was at GDA, and we started in the Kennel Office where a vet was giving our pups their inoculations. Then we let the pups play in an empty kennel space before beginning our class with a handling session, and our Puppy Supervisor checking the pup’s ears and toenails.
We are using the verbal command and the hand signal for DOWN, STAY, TOUCH, SIT, WATCH, STAND, UP SIT, HUP, and LETS GO. We continue to practise loose-leash walking, and we now started work on the hand signal for LEAVE IT.
I have also been attending a clicker training course for puppy raisers (I have been clicker training for a while, but I didn’t finish the first course I did), its great fun and Riggs loves the clicker.
I was also very proud of him when – after our first clicker class – Riggs walked past two big groups of school children who were visiting GDA, and didn’t pay them any attention!

We had such a giggle last weekend! Around 11pm in our house is last busies – all the dogs go out for a busy and then to bed, and hopefully they sleep through the night. Riggs has been so good about bedtime – heading into his crate with no trouble, and curling up on his blankets.
Last weekend it got really cold and rainy, REALLY COLD, and as Murphy would have it, I had washed the dog bed covers that morning and they weren’t dry yet!! This meant we were “short” a few cushions (but we still have loads of beds for the dogs). Riggs would go into his crate but instead of sleeping, he sat and whined. We thought maybe he needed a busy (all the dogs rush back inside when its raining), but if we let him out of the crate to go outside he headed straight for one of the dog cushions and curled up – even snuggling up to a sleeping “big brother” Riddick.
We put him back in his crate, and got a repeat performance. Then my husband put one of the dog beds inside the crate, and Riggs hopped right in and went immediately to sleep!  😀
He has had a big cushion in his crate – but he was hanging off the end and I thought he needed more space, so about a week ago, I took the cushion out (rest assured he has LOADS of blankets even without the cushion), but we put his cushion back in his crate. 😛

On Mothers Day we went to a quiet restaurant for lunch, taking Riggs with us. He was very well behaved, and he got to check out and climb a circular staircase. He sat looking around and sniffing the floor when we got to our table, but he soon settled down and slept on his towel that we took with us. He had a few people come and greet him but he was quite content.

This week I had to exchange Riggs’s puppy collar for his “big boy” collar! Doesn’t he look handsome! ❤

Riggs is now tall enough – on his hind legs – to reach the kitchen counters and tabletops, and the top of the chest freezer where our cats are fed. This is a typical and normal Labrador behaviour, and we will be working on discouraging him. We keep the cats bowls out of reach, and we praise him for ignoring temptation.

And just ‘coz he’s so cute, here are a whole lot of pictures of our gorgeous Riggs for you to enjoy, some of which he’s with his “housemates” – our other dogs!


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