Nine Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 16 weeks old today!

He weighs 15.9kg, and he’s now getting 160g Bob Martin’s dry puppy food three times a day. This week we exchanged Riggs’s puppy small jacket for the next size up as he was already too big for the small one, and – surprisingly – it looks like his black nose may be turning brown!

Guide Dog Puppies are not permitted on the furniture, and Riggs tries his luck every now and then – like all puppies do – especially when the dogs are playing. He does love to bring a Nylabone toy and chew on it while he rests his head on the bed, so technically he’s not breaking the rules… 😛

Puppy Club was at GDA this week and it was really fun – we also had two of the trainers observing our class.
We always start the class by letting the pups greet each other – two at a time – but this has to be done calmly and on lead, with praise and treats for a quiet hello. Then we have water and a busy break, find a shady spot, and let them off-lead with “GO PLAY”. This week we were on the big field so it was quite something keeping up with the five long-legged pups as they ran and played.  We recall our pups and put them on lead again, and start with the obedience cues – we added the verbal cue “LEAVE IT” to the non-verbal work we started doing last week, and did a few repetitions of SIT, DOWN, UP SIT, TOUCH, STAY, and WATCH. Then we let the pups off lead to play for a few minutes again, before heading for the “obstacle” course that is made of different floor surfaces – a sheet of metal, strip of rubber, a couple of raised platforms, small paving stones, glass, a carpet, a course grass welcome mat, and a low “see-saw” plank. We also did work with a vacuum cleaner, and with our Puppy Raising Supervisor shaking a metal sheet to make a noise sort of like thunder – all with us and the pups at a distance so we can monitor their reactions as we slowly go closer. To end the class we did a little distraction exercise with the pups on lead, and being rewarded for ignoring a thrown toy.
After class Riggs and I had to quickly stop at a shop, and then we headed home where a very tired Riggs wolfed down his lunch, had a big busy, and went to sleep in his crate!
I wish I had taken a picture or two – Riggs did so well with the obstacle course! ❤ 

This week Riggs went with me to visit a friend at Sandton Mediclinic. We were greeted and escorted to the ward by security, and had a lovely visit with my friend.
Riggs was very well behaved, got to meet a few people, ride in a lift, climb some stairs, and was thoroughly worn out when we got home!


And just ‘coz he’s so cute, here are a whole lot of pictures of our gorgeous Riggs for you to enjoy, some of which he’s with his “housemates” – our other dogs!


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