Ten Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 17 weeks old today!

He weighs a whopping 17.45kg, gaining 1.5kg in the last week! He’s now getting 170g Bob Martin’s dry puppy food three times a day, and he loves his food! He does a beautiful SIT-STAY-EAT when I put his food down, even when he’s drooling!

Look how he’s grown! And Riggs’s nose has a little bit more brown on it every day – I loved his black nose but it looks like its not going to stay that way.

Puppy Club was at GDA this week and it was a really busy hour. We started with the puppies greeting each other – calmly and on lead, and then we did a bit of handling with the pups. We did some loose-leash walking exercises, and added the signal for STOP to our exercises. Then the pups got some time to play off-lead and we practised our recall while we discussed the pup’s progress with our Puppy Raiser Supervisor.
After class we popped in at a shop and headed home for a tired Riggs to sleep off his lunch.

Last weekend Riggs went with us to Gilroys for a friends’ birthday party, and he handled it all really well. The Ngwenya Glass Village has a lot to see and do, and Riggs got to check out sculptures and meet different people and experience the noise of live music and applause. We took his towel and toys with us, and he was quite happy to stay on his bed. 😀

Riggs loves his crate, napping and playing in it, and sometimes when he falls asleep he lies all scrunched up against the side!

We had an unexpectedly long morning at a doctor’s office (waiting for someone), and Riggs was a 🌟! Most people didn’t even realise he was with us wherever we were. We even popped in at Mugg ‘n Bean for a coffee. 😎 Here he is, nicely out of the way under my chair, with a rawhide bone we went and got him when we realised we were in for a long wait.

And just ‘coz he’s so cute, here are a whole lot of pictures of our gorgeous Riggs for you to enjoy, some of which he’s with his “housemates” – our other dogs!


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