Twelve Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 19 weeks old!

Puppy Club this week was at GDA with our Puppy Raising Supervisor, and Riggs, Ringo, Rocco, Ronnie, and Raffi spent a few minutes in kennels with only each other for company, discreetly watched by our Supervisor. This short stay gave her an opportunity to see if any of the puppies were looking for their Puppy Raiser mom, or whining at the gate rather than playing together without concern. They were all quite happy, although Ringo came out of the kennel drenched thanks to Riggs jumping on him and rolling him as they wrestled, and Riggs got a little nip under his eye when Ringo had had enough of Riggs not “listening” when he told him off. 😛
We fetched our pups and headed for an off-lead play pen, and then we then practised SIT-DOWN-STAY, SIT-DOWN-UP SIT, and SIT-DOWN-STAND with our puppies on our left “at heel”.

This week I had to go and fetch the renewed license disc for our car, and while we were waiting Riggs got to check out a different kind of staircase!

We also went to visit my mom, and this meant a good long car ride for Riggs, chickens to check out through the fence when we got there, and my little niece walking around the house – inevitably with tasty things in her hands that Riggs has to learn to ignore. He did very well, and even though my mom’s little Yorkie didn’t want to play with him – he’s a little too boisterous for her liking – he had a fun day. He fell asleep shortly before we were due to leave for home, and as the air conditioner in our car isn’t working, I put him in the doggy hammock on the backseat for the trip home so he could sleep in comfort.

We didn’t see much of our Riggs this week… Our pet Lab is recovering from a bad reaction to medication and it meant I wasn’t able to spend as much time with Riggs as I should, so he went to stay with another Puppy Raiser and her black Lab GDA pup Newton. They had an absolute ball! Riggs and Newton played until they were worn out every day! We missed him terrib;y, but this is an important part of a Guide Dog puppy’s learning curve – to be happy wherever they are, to know that obedience cues and lessons apply wherever they are, and not to stress when they are away from their Puppy Raiser family.


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