Thirteen Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 20 weeks old! I can’t believe how time flies!

This morning he weighed 21.85kg on the vet’s scale!

And look – almost all his front teeth have been replaced with his “big boy” teeth!

Our puppy was so happy to be home after his week with Guide Dog puppy Newton! They had a wonderful time playing together and wore each other out every day, but we missed him lots!

Puppy Club this week was at a stable, so the puppies could see horses and chickens and such. You’d be surprised how often Guide Dogs come across horses in their daily working routine, and they have to be okay with them. Riggs wasn’t thrilled about being near the horses – so we’ll be going back to the same stable yard soon so he can get used to them. Then we’ll find a different stable so that Riggs can see that horses are okay no matter where they are.

This week Riggs and I went with another puppy raiser and puppy-in-training Lyric to visit a school and speak to the children about SA Guide Dogs and the work they do. Riggs handled it really well, even when he had several children touching him at once, and trying to give him cues to DOWN and SIT! 😀 There were also chickens roaming the school grounds, and they were a little distracting but he did so well! After the children had gone back to class, Riggs and Lyric had a chance to explore the jungle-gym on the playground.


And just ‘coz he’s so gorgeous, here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful boy!


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