Sixteen Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 23 weeks old already (I forgot to do his 22 week update post)!
This morning he weighed a whopping 25.6kg on the vet’s scale – he’s going to be a big dog!

Isn’t he gorgeous!

Riggs and I got this really cool certificate from GDA for finishing Puppy Club!


It looks like all his baby teeth have gone and his grown up teeth are growing fast. I must be honest – he has a “hard mouth” (he snatches) and I have to tell him to take things gently, and I will not miss those puppy needles!


We’ve had a few outings, of course – he goes wherever I go! These pictures are from a GDA fundraising outing to Keith Kirsten, and a trip to Makro where Riggs was a STAR in the long queue!  And our Riddick and Riggs went with us when we went to visit family for a birthday party, and this time I remembered to take their beds with us! It makes such a difference to help them settle somewhere if they have something of their own.

This is Riggs’s new favourite nap spot when he’s not in his crate – next to my bed.



Riggs is such a pretzel puppy! He rarely sleeps on his back like most of my labs have done, but he loves twisting himself into strange positions when he sleeps, and he loves to squish his head into a corner!



Riggs is too funny – he tries very hard to get Riddick to play with him, and if he doesn’t, he literally chews a toy on top of him! And if Riddick is on my bed (he’s allowed), he will chew a toy on my foot instead! 😀 And he does love to play! He loves to bring you a toy and as soon as you try to take it he dodges you, and he does love to play a version of “fetch” where you throw the toy once he has decided to let go. 🙂 He also loves to carry and chew on the 4eva ball – but we don’t throw it for him as Guide Dog pups are not permitted to chase a ball or a frisbee. 😛


Lessons a Guide Dog pup needs to learn – not to go barreling through a door as soon as it is opened (in or out), and not to go flying out of the car until the LETS GO cue is given! 😀


And just ‘coz he’s so gorgeous, here are a couple of pictures of our beautiful boy!


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