Seventeen Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 24 weeks old and he weighed a whopping 26.6kg on the vet’s scale! Isn’t he gorgeous!
He’s now getting 240g Bob Martin puppy kibble three times a day – but as soon as he is 6 months old he will only be fed twice a day. He’s going to miss his lunches! 😛


We’ve had a few outings, of course – he goes wherever I go! 🙂 The first two pictures are from a GDA fundraising outing to The Square at Sunninghill where Riggs was so well behaved. The bottom picture was from a little coffee shop called Lulu where we had breakfast. We had such a lovely outing to Fourways Crossing on Wednesday morning with puppies-in-training Usko (16 weeks) and Lyric (10 months) and I didn’t take any pictures!!  We also attended a clicker class and added a few things to our clicker training to keep Riggs in top form. 🙂


Just look how Riggs has grown! Thats the same cushion and the same blanket in the first picture!

Riggs is so funny! He’s not allowed on the furniture, but every now and then he will try his luck like this – with his front legs and chest on the bed as he chews on a toy – until someone sees him and says “OFF”.

Riggs and his “big brother” Riddick play so nicely together – with typical Labbie wrestling and “bitey face”. And if Riddick is tired Riggs literally chews a toy on top of him!

Isn’t he a gorgeous boy!
He walks so beautifully on lead when we are out, and he knows the obedience cues he has been taught. He is so clever and he loves to learn.

Here’s Riggs (in the middle) with “big sister” Penny on the left and “big brother” Riddick on the right, waiting for yummy treats!


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