Twenty Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 27 weeks old and he weighed in at 30.15kg on the vet’s scale! Isn’t he just too gorgeous!

He’s six months old now, so he no longer gets a puppy lunch. It took him a few days to get used to the new routine – but he gets plenty of treats during the day with his training sessions.


We’ve had a few outings, of course, he goes wherever I go!
We went on a training outing with his brother Ringo to Montecasino, starting with a walk across the road from the Pineslopes Shopping Centre. Both pups were so well behaved, walking quietly alongside each other and through the mall, which was nice and quiet on a Wednesday morning. We chatted to a few people along the way, checked out the bowling alley and the arcade, had a good look at a fountain and encountered statues and bicycles and motorcycles all over the place, and although both pups were a little spooked by a bright yellow “wet floor” sign when we arrived, we were able to get them to approach the board and see that it wasn’t scary – and when we came across LOADS more of them inside the mall they completely ignored them. We chatted to security guards, and climbed a few different kinds of staircases, and got to experience some road traffic with our walk to and from Monte from Pineslopes.

We had a bit of a rocky start to our recent Mall of Africa visit. Despite Riggs wearing his jacket, and we Puppy Raisers having pre-arranged access for Guide Dog puppies with the mall management (since it opened), Riggs and I were still escorted to the security office because DOGS AREN’T ALLOWED! I admit – I got VERY annoyed. The rest of our visit was pleasant. Riggs was good as gold in the lifts, and snoozed under the table in the Spur. There was an antiques fair on too, and we walked around the stalls – not going in to any of them so as not to risk accidentally knocking over some expensive knickknack. 


Our recent visit to OR Tambo was amazing – we were waiting for our son to come home and his plane was delayed by almost three hours! Riggs was a total super star! We practised his SIT-STAY in front of the international arrival gate, and he napped under my chair.  We found a lovely little lawn and flowerbeds across the street outside the arrivals where Riggs could go for a busy. And we walked around the parking lot, rode some elevators, climbed some stairs, and saw lots of strange people. He did so well with the noises and the crowds!
It always amazes me that we can visit ORT with a Guide Dog puppy any time, without any drama, but a supermarket or a mall won’t let us in! 



Here are some pictures for you of a sleeping Riggs! In our car on the backseat he has a doggy-hammock. Recently, in a friends’ car, he fell asleep sitting up and didn’t even wake when the dog food bags fell over on him when we turned a corner! Lately he has taken to sleeping on his back occasionally, too. 🙂


We are attending a clicker class at GDA once a week (sometimes twice), and before class the pups get to have a free-run for 5 minutes – we don’t want them worn out, we just want them to burn off some energy. They have so much fun! And the clicker class wears them out too!


Riggs loves his toys!

Isn’t he just the cutest puppy ever! Look at those puppy eyes!


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