Twenty Three Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Our gorgeous Riggs is 30 weeks old and he weighed in at 31.75kg on the vet’s scale on Friday.
He’s a big boy with a big bone structure – isn’t he gorgeous!

We’ve been attending clicker classes with an instructor at GDA, which are great fun and super tiring – for me and for Riggs! 😀 Our trainer is very strict on having the right attitude and the right shoes and being present in class – for you and for your dog – and its strictly no phones, so no pictures! 😛 Riggs is doing so well too. He loves to learn, and we do a lot of SIT STAY and DOWN STAY work (Guide Dog puppies have to master a 5 minute STAY when they get to their formal training). We work on the cues we have already learned – SIT, STAY, DOWN, UP SIT, STAND, TOUCH, WATCH, loose leash walking, and recall, and we also have several other cues we practise to build our dog’s confidence and focus, so we now include ROLL OVER, SIT PRETTY (sitting up on his bum with his front feet up – he’s not quite sure of this one but we’re getting there), CRAWL, and UP. The classes are great for the pups as the other pups in class serve as a distraction they have to learn to ignore.

Last weekend, my husband and I and Riggs went through to the other side of Pretoria for a Cake Decorating Contest.
It was a good 40 minute drive to get there, and we were there all day! Riggs was an absolute superstar! There were lots of people, several children, we were seated in rows of chairs so we had to walk between people, and there was applause and music, and loads of people greeted and spoke to him through the day, and Riggs didn’t bark or whine once! He even watched the kids jumping on a jumping castle and ignored them!

Riggs and his brother Ringo have also had a couple of four-hour kennels stays together at GDA, we are slowly building up to a full day visit and then an overnight stay or two, so that when he goes in to be castrated, and has to stay till his stitches come out, he won’t be stressed and unhappy. As always they had a ball (thanks to Ringo’s mom for the picture of the two of them). When we drop the pups off we don’t say goodbye or make a fuss, and we go back and spy on them to see how they are doing without us. Riggs doesn’t even get particularly excited to see me when I fetch him which is great! The other picture is on our way to kennels, his head was on the back of my chair and I could feel his breath on my neck! 😀

Isn’t he just the cutest puppy ever! When he’s been napping and he’s wants to play, or he gets bored, he brings me a toy, wagging his tail furiously and nose-bumping me! 😀 Here he is chilling after a clicker training session at home, and a run around the garden.

What happened to our little puppy! He’s such a grown up dog!

And just ‘coz he’s cute, here are some more pictures of our Riggs!


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