Twenty Five Weeks With Riggs #GDApupRiggs

Riggs is 32 weeks old!
He loves to sleep with the top of his head pressed against a wall or the side of his crate. He loves to play and will fetch a toy and try to get me or the other dogs to try and take it from him.
He loves his food and his training treats.

We’re still attending a weekly clicker class with an instructor at GDA, and these are so much fun! Each week is different, and really tiring – for me and for Riggs! Riggs is doing really well. He loves to learn, and we do a lot of SIT-STAY and DOWN-STAY work (Guide Dog puppies have to master a 5 minute STAY when they get to their formal training). We continue to work on the cues we have already learned:
SIT                    STAY
DOWN                    UP SIT
STAND                    WATCH
TOUCH (Riggs loves this one)                    STOP
loose leash walking                    recall
STEADY (slow down)                    HUP HUP (go faster)
We also have several other cues we practise to build our dog’s confidence and focus, and eagerness to train, so we now include:
ROLL OVER                    CRAWL
SIT PRETTY (sitting up with his front feet raised)
UP (stepping up onto a box with his front feet)
We combine the cues with physical obstacles – using a hula hoop in combination with the THROUGH cue, and using cones with the WATCH cue to walk our pup off-lead. It is challenging and SO rewarding!

Riggs and his brother Ringo had their first full-day kennel stay together at GDA last week – 9am to 4pm. They did so well, happily playing and napping.

We were away last weekend, so Riggs went home with his brother Ringo for a few days. Riggs was quite worn out when he came home from his 5-day stay with two other Labs and a Beagle! Thank you to Ringo’s mommy for the care and the photos!

On Tuesday morning Riggs and I had a training outing with our Puppy Raising Supervisor at Bartlett Park. I’d never been there before, but the place is full of bunnies, dassies, and guinea fowl, and a real challenge for a dog. Riggs did so well – I was so proud! We walked up and down the road with cars, bikes and people passing by, and we walked up and down heading towards the area where the bunnies and dassies are concentrated. There’s lots of poop, and interesting smells, and the dassies dart about whilst the bunnies tend to lie in the shade. Riggs did all his obedience cues when told to, and whilst he saw the bunnies and the dassies, and a guinea fowl, he didn’t try to chase any of them!
It was super hot in the car today though, so as soon as he had a good long drink of cold water I turned the aircon up full blast and we went straight home!

I’m bragging a little here – this is proof positive of our puppy learning that human food is not for him!

Riggs is a pretzel-sleeper, just like his mommy!

Five minutes before we had to leave for class – he came in from playing outside and he was filthy and so pleased with himself! 😀

Lyric and Riggs has a run around in a free-run at GDA after clicker class last week. 🙂

My new favourite picture of our Riggs! ❤

And just ‘coz he’s cute, here are some more pictures of our Riggs!


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